Daniele Perrino

NU Jazz / Noir Blues / Soul

Daniele Perrino Michele Prontera Ivan Valvassori Emanuele Giordani Edoardo Piccolo Gabriele Cazzola Massimo Fracasso

Daniele Perrino was born in Vicenza, Italy. In 2011 the album DUE by Mario Biondi was released, in which he duets as author of lyrics and music with the song LULLABY and later as a guest in the 2012 tour in the best Italian theaters. In 2013-14 he is part of the alternative rock band VIRGO, producing two albums and winning the MARTE LIVE 2014 award at MEI. In 2015 he gives birth to the duo GROUND POPPY HONEY MILK. In 2016 their first album NOWHERE NOW HERE takes them to New York in 2017 to the Clubhouse Studio for production by Yaron Fuchs (Sting, Annie Lennox), joined by sound engineer Neil Dorfsman (Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen), with input from drummer Nir Z (Genesis, Chris Cornell) and finally mastered by Emily Lazar (Depeche Mode, David Bowie) at Lodge Studio. In 2018 he co-founded the band BIOPSY O BOUTIQUE with which he produces two Eps. His first solo project THE SOOT SONGS entirely written, composed and played by him will be released in 2024 by Blue Mama Records.

CONTACT: promo@kickhit.org